The FLYBOWL is an improved reworking of a game called "Le VOLANT" played in Marseille.


It is a juggling game, which was played by young people in the region of Marseille in the 60s, where it was extremely popular. The origins of this popular game may well lie in North Africa, where it was played using holed coins tied together with a cord. In view of the painful effect of the hard metal on the players' feet, over time the coins were replaced by rings cut from inner tubes, salvaged from old bicycles and tied together with string.


Apparently, this game, under different names, has also been played in other towns along the Cote d'Azur. In one of these towns, a school sports teacher decided to update the game and got his students to make it, still using bicycle inner tubes tied together with a string.


The FLYBOWL is a more elaborate and industrial version of the original game, developed by a centre for research and innovative technology. This new game derived from "Le Vollant Marseillais" has been fully optimized to make it easier to play and to help develop physical ability and technical skills, while having fun, alone, or in a group.