Why the Flybowl ?

As a real sports enthusiast, I was a tennis player and then a coach, spending 15 years communicating my passion for tennis through teaching. Since 1995, I have run a communications agency working in the sports sector. Among the many ideas that I have created, is an innovative, "in home", advertising concept, which has been used on various objects, such as, the NORTHPOLE armchair at Roland Garros, "La Balle GOLFBOWL" for the Ryder Cup in Dublin, or the TIMEPAD3D for Paris Saint Germain. Each support has been commercialised in partnership with different charities, such as "Les Enfants de la Terre" or "GOLFAID".

In 2014, a friend introduced me to the "VOLANT", a game created in the 1960s in Marseille (registered in 1993), and described the enthusiasm with which it had been played and how it had improved ball skills. After much investigation, which allowed me to understand the educational and fun aspects of the game, I decided to develop it ready for relaunch and marketing with the idea that, in partnership with "La Voix De l'Enfant", a charity dedicated to helping children in need, it could benefit children all over the world.


My experience as a coach, along with my participation, during the 1990s, in the development of Mini Tennis and its corresponding educational tools, persuaded me to become involved in the development of this universal sports game. The FLYBOWL is a new tool designed to improve physical qualities such as agility, coordination, reflexes and ball game skills. Completely customizable, it can also be used as an innovative and original marketing tool.


After a year of work and research and development in close collaboration with the CRITT (Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer), the FLYBOWL, an offshoot of "Le Volant" from 1960s Marseille, was born.