Technical Details

A game and an educational tool designed to improve both physical qualities such as agility, coordination, reflexes, stamina and speed and ball game skills, in a fun and sociable fashion.



Specifications: Research and Development

  • Optimized contact surface area (foot, knee, hand and head) for better control :  Number of rings, their diameter and thickness, the width and design of the central ring.
  • Aerodynamic to achieve a slow, straight flight path, designed to avoid the aerodynamic turbulence that an inflated football experiences when flying through the air.
  • Premium composite materials : Flexible and soft rings for optimum contact and power for a heightened experience using any part of the body.
  • It doesn't roll away - enabling intense training and rapid progress.
  • Robust enough for intense use and/or forceful and repeated hits.
  • Personalization : A large choice of Pantone colours, engraving, embossing or printing of your logo and phosphorescent materials allowing the game to be played at night.



The FLYBOWL authenticity certificate

La Voix De l'Enfant logo is engraved inside each ring of the game guaranteeing the authenticity of your FLYBOWL.



EU Conformity Number

SGS, the world's leading inspection,verification, testing and certification company, has issued the FLYBOWL with a conformity number, guaranteeing that it fulfils international toy safety standards.